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Market outlook - Oilseeds

Widespread availability of oilseeds contributes to low feed prices

EU rapeseed production is fairly stable. Oilseeds are widely available and contribute to lower feed prices. The EU soybeans (beans and scrap) imports is substantial and remains stable

In addition to the grains, oilseeds (especially soybeans) are important as an ingredient for animal feeds (protein source). The EU is a major importer of oilseeds (especially soybeans). Domestic production of the EU and in the Netherlands is stable.

The low crude oil and grain prices also put the price of oilseeds under pressure. After 2016, however, some increase of the soybeans price is expected, which in turn will lead to a gradual upward pressure on feed costs. The worldwide demand for oilseeds (feed) continues to grow because of the growing demand for meat, although some slowdown of oilseeds demand growth in China is expected.

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