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Contemplation - Agriculture

The agriculture and horticulture sector across the three Ps

The agricultural sector is a dynamic sector that is continually adapting to meet the new requirements set by governments and societal demands and the wishes of consumers. This dynamic is determined in part by innovation and growth on the part of holdings. Innovation is an important topic in this sector. The average size of holdings is increasing, making it possible to take advantage of the benefits of scale. In recent years, holding results are fluctuating more severely than they did in the past. The result is also largely dependent on crises, such as EHEC or animal diseases. Sharp decreases in demand or severely falling prices can have significant consequences for the continuity of larger holdings with high payment obligations. The sector's image is reasonable to good, with the exception of extremely large-scale livestock farming, as demonstrated by the discussion about megastalls. In terms of the 'planet' indicators, the steps taken to improve sustainability are increasingly small; and the limits of the existing systems seem to have been reached, although there are still significant differences among businesses. The sector is facing the challenge of discovering new possibilities within existing systems by means of innovation.

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Harold van der Meulen

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