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  21/12/2020Less favourable prices in ornamentals sector
After a summer with good price formation, the second corona wave appeared to redress the normal balance in the ornamentals market. From September through October, potted plants and garden plants surre... read more

  21/12/2020Continued decrease in results on dairy farms due to lower sales and higher feed costs
The margins on a standardised dairy farm amounted to 12,500 euros in November 2020. This is 26% below the ten-year average and 13% below the level of November 2019 as a result of higher feed costs, a ... read more

  17/12/2020Decreased incomes in agriculture and horticulture, but large differences between types of farms


  17/12/2020Very diverse prices for agricultural and horticultural products in 2019-2020 due to corona

  17/12/2020Agricultural and horticultural sector results decreased in 2020

  14/12/2020The animal protein and fish domain: hotspots in the field of sustainability
The Monitor Voortgang Verduurzaming Voedselketens ('Monitor for the Development of Sustainable Food Chains') was created to provide insight into the progress that the Dutch food sector has mad... read more

  10/12/2020Farm-gate prices low; Slower drop for consumer prices
In August and July, the consumer price of table potatoes decreased by 13%. The price of beef also decreased (-2%). Only the price of fresh fruit increased (+3%). Other prices in Dutch supermarkets rem... read more




  06/11/2020Cautious recovery of business confidence in third quarter



  28/10/2020Slight increase in liquidity position on dairy farms and decreased liquidity position on arable and pig farms


  01/10/2020Increased divergence between consumer and producer prices for meat and eggs
While consumer prices for meat and eggs remained at a high level in June and July, the relevant producer prices remained under pressure. The retail prices of poultry meat and pork increased over these... read more

  01/10/2020Margins in livestock farming dropped considerably in summer
The monthly margins for a dairy farm amounted to 14,000 euros in August 2020. This was 7% lower than in the same month last year and 20% lower than the ten-year average. The decrease is caused by high... read more

  01/10/2020Recovery of ornamentals sector due to high prices, but uncertainty remains
Traditionally, summer is a slack period for the flower trade, but the exceptional circumstances caused by corona led to market shortages with higher prices and a higher turnover. 

The... read more




  09/09/2020Food price monitor: figures June 2020



  19/08/2020Sustainable business operations linked to better economic results?
A ranking of dairy farms based on their overall sustainability score reveals that the 25% with the highest score also achieve better economic results than the other 75%. For example, the critical milk... read more

  17/08/2020Food prices stable, but farm-gate prices under high pressure
During the corona crisis, food prices for consumers entered calmer waters. In the April-May period, prices of bread, eggs, poultry meat and fresh fruit hardly changed. The prices of dairy and beef inc... read more

  29/07/2020Declined liquidity position on dairy, arable and pig farms

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