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  29/07/2020Declined liquidity position on dairy, arable and pig farms


  06/07/2020Turnover for ornamentals recovers, sales of garden plants higher than expected
Due to the corona crisis, the export of ornamentals to many countries came to a standstill from mid-March onward. Consequently, export figures through May 2020 show large decreases for cut flowers and... read more

  06/07/2020Results from livestock farming under pressure; layer hens are positive exception
The results for a dairy farm amounted to 13,400 euros in May, which is 15% lower than in the same month last year. In May the milk price fell below 33 eurocents per litre, which hadn’t occurred since ... read more

  29/06/2020Food price monitor: figures April 2020




  20/05/2020Corona crisis drives consumer prices up
In March, consumers in the Netherlands saw an increase in the price of bread, potatoes, eggs, beef, pork and poultry meat, whereas dairy and vegetable prices remained more or less stable. Over a perio... read more

  11/05/2020Agro confidence index negative for the first time since it started in 2013


  29/04/2020Improved liquidity position on dairy, arable and pig farms

  24/04/2020Livestock farming experiences first effects of corona crisis
The results for dairy farming amounted to 14,700 euros in March. Although these results are somewhat higher than in March 2019, they are significantly lower than in January (16,500 euros). In March, t... read more

  24/04/2020Ornamental plant cultivation severely hit by corona crisis
Around Valentine in 2020 there wasn’t much happening in the flower trade. Turnover of cut flowers was 2% higher in February than in February 2019, which was mainly due to a larger supply. However, fro... read more

  16/04/2020Foodprice monitor; figures February 2020



  03/03/2020Positive results for livestock farming
In January, livestock farming achieved positive results overall. The standard farms of the five different sectors saw higher results than a year earlier.
For dairy farming, the balance totalled ... read more

  03/03/2020Record results for ornamentals sector again
In January, auctions realised higher turnovers. The turnover for cut flowers was supported by more supply. The average price in January 2020 was 3.6% lower than in January 2019. In that year, a record... read more

  17/02/2020High dairy, egg and pork prices


  10/02/2020Liquidity position in 2019: stable for dairy farms, increases for pig farming and arable farming
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