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  19/01/2018New record for exports of agricultural products in 2017

  22/12/2017Export growth of ornamentals slows down
Auction turnovers for cut flowers in October were lower than a year before (-6%), but in November turnovers were 3% higher than in 2016. Indoor plant turnovers also changed, but in the opposite direct... read more

  22/12/2017Dairy farming balance sheet at a high level
In November 2017, the balance sheet of an average dairy farm was 18,600 euros, almost 4,000 euros higher than the 10-year average for this month. Sow farming could not maintain its top-level stan... read more

  18/12/2017Balance sheet value agricultural and horticultural farms approaches €3m in 2016
Capital intensity in agriculture and horticulture further increased.The average balance sheet value of the Dutch agricultural and horticultural holdings increased in 2016 to €2.9m. The increase is mai... read more

  18/12/2017Average income in agriculture at a historically high level, with large differences
The average income for the agricultural and horticultural businesses in 2017 is estimated at approximately 70,000 euros per unpaid annual work unit (aje). That is an increase of 20,000 euros comp... read more

  18/12/2017Sharp increase in sector results for agriculture and horticulture
In 2017, the terms of trade for the agricultural sector improved considerably: the average prices of purchased goods and services increased less than the average selling prices. These developments res... read more

  18/12/2017Very diverse price developments over 2016-2017
The farm-gate price developments of products between 2016 and 2017 vary widely and are related to production circumstances, international market developments and crises. Considerably higher prices wer... read more

  14/12/2017Adverse competitive position in Dutch pig sector stabilised; Results of InterPIG 2016
The pig sector in the Netherlands has higher costs of production than in neighbouring countries. This is caused by a slower increase of sow productivity and increasing manure disposal costs. The cost ... read more

  21/11/2017Food prices higher than last year
Consumer prices of food were higher in September than in the same month last year. Although the price for fresh vegetables is hardly 1% higher and for bread more than 1%, the difference for other pric... read more


  09/11/2017Confidence, also after the third quarter, almost stable in 2017


  26/10/2017Turnover of garden plants 5.5% higher

According to Royal Floraholland, turnover of garden plants grown in The Netherlands increased further the past months. In August, turnover growth was slightly lower (3%) and in September higher (9%... read more

  26/10/2017Large differences in layer hen sector

Layer hen farmers who have been able to continue their egg production the past months, have profited from increased selling prices. While other farms suffered large losses due to the Fipronil crisi... read more


  09/10/2017Use of antibiotics in livestock farming continues to decrease
Veterinary use of antibiotics decreased by 15% in 2016 compared with 2015. Compared with the reference year 2009, the decrease was more than 64%. In broiler farming in particular, a considerable reduc... read more

  03/10/2017Increase in sustainable food consumer spendings

  14/09/2017Increased consumer prices for food, except for fresh vegetables
In the period from May to July, consumers were confronted with increasing food prices. Only prices for fresh vegetables were lower (-4%). The strongest increase was 5% for eggs, which f... read more



  31/08/2017Export of ornamentals increases by 6% in the first seven months
The export of ornamentals in the first seven months of 2017 amounted to a value of almost 3.8 billion euros. The export growth of 6% is partly due to the favourable distribution of holidays on which f... read more

  31/08/2017Recovery of margins in dairy farming continues
In July 2017, the margins on dairy farms amounted to 17,900 euros per farm. The increase over the previous months is due to higher milk yields in particular. Last year the margins were below 10,000 eu... read more

  31/08/2017Increased share of sustainable investments in agriculture and horticulture
Total investments in agricultural production methods decreased in 2015 by 7% to 3.4 billion euros, whereas total investments for which subsidies or fiscal deductions were requested increased by 1... read more


  27/07/2017Confidence maintains at high levels; Remarkably many entrepreneurs look back positive

  26/07/2017Current account position dairy farms stable
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